Saturday, December 11, 2010

Cold day + warm latte in a coffee shop with my roommie = WIN

Yesterday was a fantastic day!!! The breakdown:
  • Played Quidditch with half of the women's rugby team 
  • Walked downtown for a debate 
  • Drank coffee
  • Went thrifting and got a bunch of FREE warm sweaters
  • Took the bus back up to campus
  • Went to an awesome play
  • Wrapped Secret Santa presents
  • Went to a Christmas party where my secret santa LOVED his present =DDD
  • Got a giraffe from my secret santa
  • Chatted with friends into the wee hours of the morning.
Phew. Well, I've had my fun and the next 4 days are all about work. Now I'm sitting in a coffee shop downtown with my lovely roommate, waiting for our food and doing social internet things before eating lunch, chatting, and then delving into the pile of work I have to do for finals.

Goal for today: Write a 5 page paper about the potential effects of a tires-to-energy plant on the wildlife of the neighboring marsh for my Env. Sci. class, due Monday at 9am

Still to do:
--> 8 to 10 page Buddhism paper, due Monday at 3pm 
--> Study my brains out for Chem final, Tuesday at 9am
--> Create a map of the best place in Erie, PA for an urban garden and write 3-4 pages about the process, due Wednesday at noon.



  1. ugh, sounds like you will need many more lattes with all that crap to do. best of luck. keep your chin up, you're almost done! A well deserved break is in your near future!!!!!!!!

  2. Glad you got all that fun in, because the next few days sound like a lot of work.

    Glad to hear the secret Santa buddy liked the gifts!!

  3. @Jill - thanks so much for the encouragement!! <3 i just keep reminding myself that i'll be home in 4 days...

    @Renee - me too, haha. thanks! <3