Sunday, December 12, 2010

:| (that is my face.)

24 hours later and I'm only halfway done with my ES paper. Waaaaaayyyy behind schedule. Meh. Oh well, I might not sleep tonight but this time tomorrow I'll be halfway done with finals altogether! YAY!

Still To Do:
--> 5 page marsh/tire plant paper, plus group work reflection due Monday at 9am [STATUS: halfway done]
--> 8 to 10 page Buddhism paper, due Monday at 3pm [STATUS: not started]
--> Study my brains out for Chem final, Tuesday at 9am [STATUS: ahhhhhhhhhhhh]
--> Create a map of the best place in Erie, PA for an urban garden and write 3-4 pages about the process, due Wednesday at noon. [STATUS: ~ 1/4 done]

Peace out, blogspot. I've got some serious shit to do.

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