Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Money money money - must be funny - in a rich man's world.

Let me preface this post up front: I am a nerd, and proud of it.

As such, it should come as no surprise that I am vice president of my college's chapter of Dumbledore's Army, a chapter of the Harry Potter Alliance, an organization that does charity work in the name of Harry Potter.

This is our first semester as a real club, and we have a VERY modest budget of $150 for the semester. (Though I feel fortunate that our college gives out money to student organizations at all.) December was drawing near, and the club decided to spend our budget on a Yule Ball, a la Goblet of Fire.

I was in charge of decorations committee for said Ball, and the arctic tundra that has become Meadville, Pennsylvania prevented our committee from going decoration shopping until the day of. That, and the fact that a friend and I had to dig the car out from 2 feet of snow, push it out of the parking space, and then jump it using a different friend's car and a third friend's jumper cables. GAHHHH.  o.O

To put it mildly, today was a hella hectic day spent finishing up classes, jumping my car, and FINALLY getting out to the store and back with minutes to spare. Luckily, another girl on the decoration committee had been to Wal-Mart the previous day and got us a bunch of decorations.

So the Yule Ball came and went and was very well-attended, which made us extremely happy. I was on top of the world until our president told me how much the other decor committee member had spent on decorations. Combined, her receipts and mine totaled an amount way over budget without even factoring in the cost of food.

So now what do we do? We can't go to student government and tell them how much we overspent, because that looks waaaaaay bad on a fledgling group. I'd feel awful not reimbursing the other committee member because she's a sweetheart and helped out a lot, it was just a miscommunication mostly on my part that led to this mess. BUT at the same time, I don't want to eat what I spent and not get reimbursed either. DILEMMA!!!!!! 

In short, the solution is this: Fuck money. Let's go back to the barter system.


  1. (Wow guys, apologies for starting this blog out on such a blah note, haha. I swear I'm usually much more cheerful than this, it's just been one of those days.)

  2. Don't be silly! This was a great first post.

    And, I'm a little in love with the Abba title. We shall watch Mamma Mia when you're home.

    Hope everything works out with the party expenses!

  3. harry potter clubs are becoming so popular across campuses.

    I saw they divide the extra evenly among those involved.